Monday, April 11, 2011

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

This post is going to be way random... oh well :)  First I wanted to share a picture with some of our thrifstore finds combined with some wedding items to give you all an idea of the decor we are going for:

The shoe is the bridesmaid's shoes and next to it is the pewter swatch from Davids Bridal.

Below are pictures of the amazing finds from thrifting yesterday.  Cameron and I were celebrating 11 months together and he wanted to do something that I enjoyed so we went thrifting for wedding things :)  We found everything below for $1.75 at the DAV!!!!!  Be jealous ;)

Here is the flower girl basket I found.  I want to add some of the small fabric flowers I made around the edges, and do something to the handle.

These bottles were $.25 a piece!  I have been looking for more milk glass vases, but they can be expensive so I was really happy to find both of these.

I picked up three of these glass for $.25 a piece as well.  I want to use them in centerpieces for a look similar to the one below.

How cute are the roses coming out of the glasses!  I love this set of shots from Aisle Candy!

To end the randomness I wanted to post a cute set of pictures (also from Aisle Candy) of the most adorable flower girls!  I can't wait for how cute mine will look!

Have a great Monday night!  I am off to class!

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