Sunday, April 3, 2011

Be decisive! Be be decisive!

This should be my new cheer in life... or atleast in my wedding planning life.  I have been having second thoughts on all of my wedding choices and it is making my life more complicated, not to mention the lives of those around me.

First indecisve topic: bridesmaid dresses.  A while back I did a post about the bridesmaid's attire and how excited about the choices that I was.  Well that was before I came across these absolutely adorable dresses from Ananya.

Reserved for Audrey's bridesmaids - Custom pleated collar dress w/ sash, pockets in grey (audreyjeffrey)

The dresses were featured on Emmaline Bride as a great bridesmaid dress choice, and I fell in love with them at first glance.  Cue the second-guessing.  I started thinking that I had decided on a dress to quickly, and did not explore my options.  Then my thoughts shifted and I began thinking that the dress I had chosen was not appropriate for the feeling of our wedding.  After agonizing over what to do (yes I agonized) I finally went on a solo trip to David's Bridal with the bridesmaid shoes and fabric flowers in tow.  I tried on the dress I had originall picked along with some of their cotton choices, and decided... that I had made the correct decision from the beginning!  I really like the dresses that I picked out at DB and they are an easy choice because they come in a wide range of sizes and there are stores all over the place.  And the bonus is that I can now order one of these dresses for myself to wear to a shower, the rehearsal, or our honeymoon :)

Second idecisive topic: wedding colors.  I follow way too many wedding blogs.  If you ever want a list just ask.  The good part of following wedding blogs is that I get so many wonderful ideas from things that other brides have done at their weddings.  Bad thing is that I get TOO MANY wonderful ideas from thingst that other brides have done at their weddings.  After looking at other weddings I am constantly wondering if I picked out the right colors, or if I am incorporating the colors that I picked throughout the wedding.  But after I panic internally for a moment, I remind myself that I love the colors I picked out for the wedding, and that there is still a lot of time to tweak our decorations to make sure that the colors are carried throughout... I am so silly sometimes.

I share my indecisiveness not just to point out that I am crazy sometimes (because I am), but to share with other brides in the planning process that you need to stick to your original decisions and do not cause more problems for yourself.  I went to coffee with my dear friend Lacie the other day, and she said she had the same dilemma about her bridesmaids dresses and then she told herself that there are always going to be new dresses or decorations coming out and if you allow yourself to you can become obsessed with what is not going to be at your wedding instead of what is.  It is better to just be happy about what is in your wedding, and at some point you just have to be okay with what you planned :)

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