Friday, April 29, 2011

Oh Etsy How I Love Thee

I made my first Etsy purchase!!!!  Brooklyn sent me a link on facebook to an Etsy shop Sugarskull7s selling a mason jar stamp!

love mason ball jar clear polymer rubber stamp

I bought it the next day!  My plan is to use it for thank you cards and also to feed my mason jar obsession.  It is a never ending beast that must be fed ;)  

One Etsy purchase made me want to make another, but I held back until I could decide which necklace piece I wanted to go with.  Which leads me to something that I need help with.  I am trying to decide between two different resin Cabochons from Sun and Moon on Etsy and I don't know which to pick!

The first one is 20 mm in diameter and I would order it in color 13.

Resin Cabochons - 20pcs - 20mm Vintage Rose Flower Cabochons - Mix and Match Your Choice of Colorful Resin Flowers

Here is a picture of a paper cutout in the size of the flower that I placed about where I would like it to fall on the bridesmaids.

The size is a little small but I thought about placing it on a metal backing larger than the flower kind of like the picture below from Amula.

Yellow Rose Cabochon Flower Necklace

The second one is larger, but I do not know how I feel about the shape.

Resin Cabochons - 6pcs - Beautiful - Mix and Match Your Choice of Colorful Resin Flowers

Below is a picture of the paper place holder.

Here is where all of you come in.  I need feedback!  Which do like?  Do you like either one of them?  Have you seen other cabochons for sale on Etsy?

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