Monday, April 25, 2011

Jo-Ann Fabrics Trip :)

May I just start out this post by saying: fabric and ribbon is expensive!  With that being said Jo-Ann Fabrics is a pretty awesome place to go, because you can always find a 40% off coupon online :)  Giant sized smiley face for that!

I went there looking for yellow and pewter ribbon to use for many random wedding projects and I was super excited with what I was able to pick up.

First I needed yellow ribbon for the flow girl basket handle.  This is what I found:

Second I needed skinny yellow ribbon for tying random things on random places for the wedding (sorry that was vague).  Here is what I found for $.50!!!!!

And now here is the surprise find of the day.... PEWTER RIBBON!!!!  I had planned on buying pewter ribbon from David's Bridal for floral boquets so that it would match the bridesmaid dresses and not clash against them.  Downside to the original plan is the cost of pewter ribbon from DB: 2-inch satin ribbon spools are $12.99 and the 1-inch spools are $6.99.  Not so nice of a price when you need a lot.

The ribbon even had the right name!  It was meant to be :)

The match is amazing and the savings are lovely!  The 2-inch ribbon was $3.49 a spool and the 5/8 inch ribbon was $2.49.  Big difference from the DB prices, which allowed me to get a large selection and quantity of ribbon for my many wedding craft projects :)

Below I have my receipt from the trip and you can see that even without a 40% off coupon (I was not planning on going to Jo-Ann Fabrics when I left the house) I spent less on 8 spools of ribbon than I would have on 2 spools of pewter ribbon from DB.  I am ecstatic!

Biggest lesson learned from this trip: think outside of the box and always know that a deal is out there!  Happy shopping :)


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