Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Joplin Adventure: Part 1

The quick trip to Joplin was a rainy adventure, but I am so excited to share with all the fun times we had.

When we got into town we went to Gahagan paper to look for cardstock to use for invitations.  My future MIL went a couple weeks ago to grab sample booklets for me to look through, but the gray in the booklet was too light for the invitations we are designing (by we I mean me and Laura).  Sadly Gahagan did not have the smoke gray cardstock, but the little old man at the counter was presh and it was still neet to see all of the reams of paper lined up in the back :)  By the way if you have ideas of paper places with smoke gray cardstock let me know!

The next item on the list was to visit the church, take pictures, measure the aisle, and brainstorm decorating ideas.

The screen along the back wall will go up and behind it is a beautiful stone wall.

Each side has overflow room so that the sanctuary can comfortably seat 300 people.

The greenery on the stage has to stay, but our ideas so far are to add in yellow flowers, mason jars with candles, and collection of vases to make it fit in with our wedding.  I would love for it to look like the picture below from Green Wedding Shoes:

wedding outdoor ceremony under tree

I would also like to add some pots of branches similar to the ones in the picture below (from Snippet and Ink) on either side of the table where we are going to put the unity sand.

We are also on the hunt for fun yellow fabric to make a unique aisle runner out of similar to the one in the photo below from Love and Lavender.  If you find any good deals let me know!

After the church we headed to Cameron's grandmother's house to look at her collection of mason jars.  When we decided to use mason jars in our wedding theme, Cameron's mom immediately jumped in and said that we should look at her mom's collection before we bought any.  My wedding planner and I were thinking maybe 50 jars that we could use for decoration, but wait until you see what we found.... seriously.... mentally prepare yourselves!

There was seriously box after box of mason jars!  All shapes, all sizes!  At one point Sam looked at me and said, "My mind is seriously blown right now!"

Look at my happy wedding planner!

My future father-in-law even got in on the mason jar search!  He said that I was weird for being so excited that he was going to be on my blog :)

Here is a final picture of the mason jar search.  This picture really shows just how many there were in that basement, and the crazy thing is that this is only a portion of the mason jars we searched through!  We found enough to have everyone at the wedding be able to use them as glasses, enough to decorate the church and reception site, enough to make the cute mason jar chandeleir I posted a picture of in this post, and enough to do some fun new projects that I cannot wait to show you guys at a later date!

I am going to have to make a second post to finish out the Joplin adventures.  Expect that soon!  Have a wonderful day :)


  1. Are you even kidding?! haha that's incredible!

  2. yay!! such great ideas!! they are beautiful! and the church is beautiful too!!!

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