Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Manzanita Branches

Way back when, right after Christmas break, Cameron and I began talking about getting married this coming summer instead of the summer of 2012.  Thanks to a conversation with his college age pastor back home, Cameron decided that he did not want to wait a year and a half and that he wanted us to begin our married journey this summer :)  I was definitely on board!  Before the official proposal took place I began looking at ideas on wedding blogs for centerpieces and became in love with the look of manzanita branches.

There are so many great ways to use them, and they add such impact to a space.  The downside to manzanita branches is that they can be super de duper expensive.  Lucky for us though someone was selling 18 branches on craigslist for $75 (which is a steal) and we picked all of them up to use for our wedding.  Bad news for us: I did not have a clear plan of how I wanted to use them... and to be honest... I still do not.  BUT I have been looking at a lot of great ideas and I know that the perfect way to use them will come to me soon!

Here are a few pictures and ideas that I have been using for inspiration so far.

These images are from a blog of an actual bride, and she showed how to make the manzanita branch centerpieces that she used at her wedding.  I really like the step-by-step picture of how she got the branches to stand up, because it can be tricky!  I also like how she had guests write notes and hang them on the branches!  So cute!!!  This tutorial was found at Domestic Bliss.


Nettleton Hollow also did several posts about different techniques for making manzanita branches stand upright.  The example above is with plaster of paris in a clay pot.  




The method above uses plaster of paris once again, but you mix the plaster of paris in a plastic tupperware container that you do not care about destroying.  Once the plaster of paris sets up, you cut away the plastic container and can put the manzanita branch with a solid support base into any container to dress it up.  Such a great idea!

la partie diy centerpieces

I think laying the branch sideways is a really unique way of using the branches!  You can find a post on this at Style Me Pretty.

I adore this centerpiece!  I love the simple clumping of flowers at the base and the flowers sporadically placed on the branches :)  Such a great look provided by Megan Hobson.

I love the manzanita branches lined up in the square containers!  This inspiration was found at Calgary Wedding Assistant.  She even talks about how to make them on your own!  I love when people share DIY ideas :)


Be still my heart!  This picture makes me want to be somewhere else right now!  You can find more about this wedding at The Platinum Event.

This is an addition to the original post, because this is what I want!!!  This was featured on Love and Lavender.

There are some inspiration pictures that I have been loving right now :)  Can't wait to see which direction I go in with the centerpieces.  I am sure it will be a fun DIY post for the future!

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