Friday, April 1, 2011

Some things I am loving right now...

Good afternoon everyone!  This post is about all things that are making me happy or catching my attention right now :)  A little insight into my brain.

ICED COFFEE!!!!  My day is always better when it starts with iced coffee.  And as a bonus I get to drink it out of this super cute cup I picked up at Wally-world for less than $5!  Heck yes!

handmade wedding how to stock your pantry2 Newlywed Notes: How To Stock Your Pantry

I have a list of wedding, healthy-living, decorating, etc. blogs that I check daily and one of my favorites is Emmaline Bride.  Today they have a great post about how to stock your pantry as a newlywed!  I am really excited to get married and graduate out of the single, college-girl pantry, and this post was full of great tips!

This new journal I picked up from Michael's for $1!!!!  I was super excited, because I now have a journal dedicated to my lists (which I love and rely on heavily) that I am able to cart around in my purse because it is a compact size :)  Yippee!!!!

I love this ceremony backdrop!!!  When I went to visit a venue with my roommate Courtney for her wedding this was the set-up on the stage for the ceremony and it is absolutely gorgeous!  To the bride out there who created this: YOU are brilliant!

The last thing on my list of loves is fly fishing :)  I signed up for a class this semester and I am having so much fun!  I got paired up with the cutest old man (yes you are old Russ!) and I have been having a blast learning how to tie flies and cast!  Who knew a girly-girl like me could like the sport of fly fishing so much?!

Hope you enjoyed some of my loves :)  Today, Cameron and I are meeting his mom and sister in Branson (another one of my loves) to go to Young Christian's Weekend at Silver Dollar City!!!  Tenth Avenue North is going to be playing on Sunday and I am uber-excited because I LOVE them!!!  Wow... a whole weekend of loves!  I am blessed :)

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  1. I had zero clue you were fly fishing! Love it :)