Monday, April 4, 2011

It's all in the accessories :)

Over the last couple of weeks I have been keeping my eyes open for good bridesmaid jewelry options.  Wedding blogs are my best friend in this area, and I have gotten so many amazing ideas.  I thought that I would share a few with all of you in case you are also looking for bridesmaid accessories... or for fun jewelry for yourself :)

handmade wedding bridesmaid locket 0 e1301851943382 Bridesmaid Locket with Chalkboard Inside

I am in love with these lockets!  You can find them at Zelma Rose I think it would be so cute to write a personal message to each of my bridesmaids and include a favorite picture of the two of us together :)

Romantic Ivory Flower Pendant

How precious is this necklace?!  I love the vintage and romantic feel that it has :)  This can be found at Sophia's Decor.

School Bus Yellow Chrysanthemum Flower Necklace

I love this necklace!  I wonder if I could make something similar on my own... :)  This one can be found at Metal Adornments.

Yellow Rose Cabochon Flower Necklace

I love this necklace from Amula as well!  So pretty and delicate.

handmade wedding 91 e1301550301991 Bridesmaid Earrings in Brilliant Blooms

I am in love with these adorable earrings from JustJaynes!  They were featured on Emmaline Bride (one of my favorite wedding blogs!) and I immediately loved them.

Sweet Flowers.

I am in love with these earrings and they are only $5!  Heck yes Etsy!  These are found at the adorable Etsy shop Sunshine and Carousels.

Beyond all of the pretty floral accessories I have found, I am also really liking the look of many strands of beaded necklaces twisted together to make an amazing statement necklace.  

Yellow and pearls necklace

This one can be found at Stavroula.

Vintage Soft Yellow Rose Necklace

Sunny Yellow Rose Cabochon Pendant Pearl Necklace - 2011 SPRING /SUMMER COLLECTION - Compliments Bridesmaids & Flower Girls Dresses

I also like these necklaces with the large yellow flowers off-centered.  The first is from Pinking Edge Designs, and the second is from MEJ Collections.

There are so many great ideas for how to accessorize the bridesmaids on Etsy!  I am not sure which route I will go just yet, but I am definitely enjoying the process of looking for the perfect accessories!  Happy shopping :)

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