Thursday, April 28, 2011

Let the Bridal Showers Begin!

My first Bridal Shower is May 18th and I am so excited!!!  It is a little early for my taste, but it is for my friends and family back home in Michigan and this is my one scheduled time to go home before the wedding :)

My matron of honor, Andrea, and my mom are the hosts and they have both done such a wonderful job planning to make the event really special for me.  One of the most exciting parts are the invitations (I get excited about little pieces of paper... weird... I know).

She ordered the invitations at Shutterfly and had a discount to make ordering a large quantity more affordable.  Got to love coupons!

I cannot wait for all of my other showers!  They are such a great time to celebrate with friends and family and create memories leading up to the special day :)

On a completely separate subject, I have a big girl job interview tomorrow.  I applied for the job not expecting much because they are a very large company and I am a new college grad, but I had a phone interview yesterday and they called me today to schedule an inperson interview.  Exciting, but I want to vomit on my feet.  Part of the preparation for our marriage is me finding a stable career that can support us while Cameron is in school, so I know that this is good and needs to happen, but I am so unsure that I am ready.  Please be praying for my nerves and that everything works out the way that God has planned.  I want His will to be done, and I am trusting in Him to provide for us as we start our life as a family.

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