Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We get by with a little help from our friends

This past weekend we had the opportunity to hang out with lots of friends and I felt overwhelmingly blessed.  Cameron and I went through a phase right after we got married where we prayed diligently for other married friends that loved God, would encourage us and that could put up with us ;)  We were two people with separate friend groups coming together, and we wanted friends that we could hang out with together.

Our friends have definitely been an evolution this past year.  We started spending more time with couples that we both already knew and we have met new ones while branching out at church.  This weekend was a wonderful blending of both of those groups.  We were able to celebrate my GA position with some of our old friends and we out to lunch after church with some wonderful people that we have met just this year through getting more involved and putting ourselves out there.

This weekend I had the "ah ha" moment.  He has provided us with friends to laugh with, share life, look up to, and be real in front of.  And he is planting seeds for more relationships to develop.
This year has been crazy, but through it all God has provided.  Even in the area of friends he has blessed us with couples that want to share in life's joys with us.  There were times when it looked dark, but on the other side of this year I just look back and see the many blessings.

I will end this post with a few more anniversary photos. Thanks to all of you reading for being my friend and a source of encouragement and joy in this crazy life.  I love all of you :)

I am living such a blessed life.  Sigh :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Our Weekend In Pictures

Our first weekend as grad students was pretty boring, and filled with homework... I guess we should get used to it ;)

My cute study buddy :) I love mornings working on the couch with this sweetie!

A special treat for Friday afternoon errands

I finally took the plunge and bought colored skinny jeans!

Blurry but cute picture of the hubby and I out celebrating Friday night :)

Lovely friends out in downtown Springfield :)

The only bonus to having to study all weekend is nice weather for studying on the back porch

Thrifting break :)  We didn't find anything for us, but maybe next time.

Awesome stormy sky!  I wish the rain that followed was heavier

Tea and my Bahamas mug... I wish it was tea in the Bahamas

We also put a puzzle together on the back porch and took lots of walks with the puppy :)  Not a bad weekend in my book!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Life changes...

Long time no post.  I don't really know why.  I like blogging... a lot.  I think part of it was my job, part of it was I was in a weird, emotional place, and part of it was feeling like I don't have anything to talk about.  When I started the blog I did it to share what was going on the wedding for friends and family that weren't with me in Springfield.  And then it was all over, and I didn't know what to write about.  And I still don't think I know what to write about, but I'm going to try just for my peace of mind and to have a journal of my life when I look back in a few years.

I'm back at Missouri State pursuing a masters degree in Early Childhood and Family Development.  I'm pretty positive I still want to go to law school.  And I got a new job yesterday as a GA on campus.  Life is in a good place despite it being different then I expected it to be a year ago when I got married.

I don't really know that reason or the point of this post other than to get over my "fear" of getting back into blogging and just do it.  And now I'll leave you with some pictures of my life lately.

My hubby and our dog duke out for an evening stroll.  These walks have been highlights of my summer.

Rockin it out with the hubby at our dear friends John + Mina's wedding.  Photo courtesy of Colby Moore Photography.

One of the shots from our first anniversary photo shoot.  We were reunited with Abundant Life Photography and I could not be happier.
Thank you to anyone that reads this for putting up with my absence and just loving me for being the hot mess that I am ;)  I promise I'll try to do better.