Monday, August 27, 2012

Our Weekend In Pictures

Our first weekend as grad students was pretty boring, and filled with homework... I guess we should get used to it ;)

My cute study buddy :) I love mornings working on the couch with this sweetie!

A special treat for Friday afternoon errands

I finally took the plunge and bought colored skinny jeans!

Blurry but cute picture of the hubby and I out celebrating Friday night :)

Lovely friends out in downtown Springfield :)

The only bonus to having to study all weekend is nice weather for studying on the back porch

Thrifting break :)  We didn't find anything for us, but maybe next time.

Awesome stormy sky!  I wish the rain that followed was heavier

Tea and my Bahamas mug... I wish it was tea in the Bahamas

We also put a puzzle together on the back porch and took lots of walks with the puppy :)  Not a bad weekend in my book!

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