Saturday, April 9, 2011

Thrifting makes the world go round

I am so sorry that I have not posted almost all week!  The days got away from me :(

I wanted to show all of you some amazing wedding pieces that I have found while thrifting!  In order to achieve the vintage feeling I am going for, thrifing has almost become a necessity to find unique items that set the mood for the event.

Cameron and I went to the STD flee market here in Springfield and found a wide collection of glasses and vases to use as part of the centerpieces.

 This is only about half of the glass bottles that we found, and we got everything for about $20!  It was definitely worth the trip!

I was also looking for tea cups and pitchers that could be used as part of the centerpieces (you can see them above as well).

The tea cups came in a pack of two for $1 and the pitcher and saucer was a dollar as well!  I can't wait to see how they look with flowers in them.  Here is a picture to show you the look I am hoping to achieve with the tea cups:

Janae Hardy is an amazing photographer from the Springfield area, and the pictures above make me want every detail of my wedding to be amazing!

On the same thrift trip, Cameron and I saw a group of 8 dessert sized plates, but I was unsure if I could use them in the wedding or if they fit.  Almost immediately after leaving, I knew that I wanted them, but I waited a few days just to make sure :)

We got all of them for $10, and the idea is to use them as part of the centerpieces :)  They are so vintage and lovely, and they were definitely a lucky find!

Here is an idea of what the vases will look like with bright yellow flowers in them:

I am really excited to see how the collection of vases all comes together!

On a seperate subject, what do you all think about this platter:

Is it too much yellow?  Not classy enough?  Or just right?  I am still unsure, but Wal-Mart has a whole outdoor dishes section right now and yellow is one of the colors.  My interst was piqued, but I need some outside opinions.

That is all for now!  Have a great Saturday :)  I am going to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather here in Springfield.


  1. Hey Lauren this is Jenna and I love watching your blog! You are too precious. I think you could use them but I think you should either add some silver stenciling or make holes around the edge and thread a gray satin ribbon through! Just my thoughts whatever you do though will be beautiful I am sure.

  2. Thanks for the ideas Jenna! I really appreciate the feedback, and I think I am going to buy one (they are only $1) and try out some of your ideas :) Can't wait to see you in a few short months!

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