Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Baskets Turned Manzanita Branch Holders

A while back I posted about some inspiration I had been recieving from around the web about what to do with our manzanita branches that we purchased a few months ago on craigslist.  The picture below is the idea that I was in love with from Love and Lavender and I have been looking for containers to duplicate the look with ever since.

The other day Cameron and I were updating our registry at Target, and I saw these adorable little pails in the dollar aisle!  Yes, each of these little guys was just $1, which means that it only cost me $19.38 with tax to get 18 pails for the 18 branches that we have!!!!

At first I did not know if these pails would be too small (and Sam echoed my thoughts), but when I got home I made asked Cameron nicely to hold the branches in the pails to let me see the proportions and I was happy to see that they looked great!

Who is that handsome guy hiding behind those branches ;)

Now I have 18 little yellow pails hanging out in my room waiting for me to begin putting together some centerpieces... guess I should start on that project soon!  

I am thinking that I will need to add some lovely flowers to soften up the centerpiecs as well as add table numbers on a mason jar cardstock cut-out... can't wait for the finished product!
Have a lovely day!


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