Monday, March 21, 2011

Mason Jars

I have recently become in love with all things mason jars.  I want actual mason jars to drink out of at the wedding.  I want mason jars on the invites.  I want to use mason jars as vases and candle holders and now I want to use mason jars to make a chandelier after seeing this picture on Oh Lovely Day!

It is too cute for words and it will be a project for this summer!  Poor Cameron has a lot of projects to help me with :)

Here is a picture of the invites that I am in love with!

fireflies Wedding Invitations

I found them on Minted, and while I cannot afford their price, it did give me some ideas of how I would like to design our stationary for the wedding.  This Friday I am meeting with Laura to design them and I cannot wait to share what we create!

There is a little bit of the mason jar obsession going through my head that I wanted to share!  I'm sure there will be more mason jars to come :)

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