Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Honeymoon Registries...?

So I have a question (and yes my brain just finished this comment with "do you want to have a slumber party in my basement?-- thank you Ke$ha for ruining my brain).  Anyway back to my question: what do you all think about honeymoon registries?  Registries are a normal (and very exciting!!!) part of wedding/marriage preparation, but does the honeymoon fall into this?  I have heard of honeymoon registries before, and about a week ago someone asked me if I had considered signing Cameron and I up for one.  My response, ".... uhhh.... I have never really thought about it".  So of course their comment did make me think about it, which led me to research the concept a little, which led me to the dilemma that I am presenting to all of you.

Some honeymoon registries are set up to allow guests to purchase dinner for two, massages for two, or other activities/services to use on your honeymoon.  Other registries are organized to allow guests to pay for nights at the resort or hotel you have chosen or airfare.  Still others allow for people to just give monetary gifts that are pooled into a "honeymoon" fund for you to pull from when planning and paying for the honeymoon.

Here is my dilemma.  I fully believe that the honeymoon is necessary and beneficial for a newly married couple.  It is the opportunity to spend complete one on one time away from family, friends, and committments to celebrate the new marriage.  And I will be completely honest... I am SUPER excited for my honeymoon.  The problem that I have is that I feel as if I am asking people for money, and undermining the real reason that I want everyone at my wedding, which is to celebrate with Cameron and I.  I realize that all registries are asking people for money in a way, and that people give the gifts because they love us and want us to start our life together without worrying about having dishes to eat on , but the honeymoon registry feels weird to me.  Now my question to all of you is: am I crazy?  Are honeymoon registries the new thing that I should jump on?  Or do you guys agree with me?  Let me know!

Below are some websites and articles that I looked at during my research:

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