Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Journey Begins

This is it!  Day 1 of my wedding blog, which hopefull can expand into my married life blog and then maybe a mommy blog (a long way down the road :) ).  This is exciting!

For this post I feel like I should update anyone reading on where I am at in the planning process and then I can do my posts based on progress I am making.  A week ago Saturday I was informed that all of my wedding plans so far had to be changed, because my wedding could no longer be at the family lake house. Cue the anxiety attack and then determination to fix my predicament.  In one week I managed to find a new venue, book a new photographer, and do research on a DJ (that is still to be decided).  Woohoo the fiancee and I are pretty BA!

Yesterday I met with my friend Sam who has graciously volunteered to be my wedding coordinator, meaning that she is going make sure that I do not go crazy during the next 5 months!  I love love love her for that!  I threw out my hodge-podge (spelling?) of ideas and she is working to make sense of them... I'll keep you updated on how that goes :)

Wish me luck on my wedding adventure and send ideas my way if you have them!


  1. Love you! I'm looking forward to reading all about your life!
    (btw you're dang right we're BA!)

  2. My beautiful sissy is getting married! Cannot wait to share in your special day - Lauren & Cameron.
    Love - Madelyn