Thursday, March 17, 2011

Where we are at so far...

I realized yesterday after I wrote the first post that I illuded to the fact that we had found a venue and a photographer, but I had not shared any of the details... it's the blonde in me :)  So this post is going to serve as an update for those of you who are not in my head.

We are having our reception at.... drum roll please... the Springhouse Gardens in Joplin!  I am super de duper excited about the location, because it allows us to still have the outdoor reception we had created in our minds!!!  Yay for not having to rethink everything!!! The location is gorgeous, has parking for lots and lots of people (our guest list keeps growing...), and will be full of surprises for our guests!  I seriously cannot wait!

I must admit to all of you that I did the process of venue and photographer backwards.  I'm not much for being normal :)  Back in January (when I thought that our reception was going to be in Michigan) I attended the Metropolitan Bridal Expo in Springfield and met an amazing pair of photographers.  I was in love from the first glance of his sweater vest and bow tie, and her sweet demeanor.  Ask anyone and they will tell you I was probably a bit annoying about my love for their work.  They have such a romantic and vintage look to their photography, and they are passionate about what they do... it makes me want to be around them all the time to pick up some of their love for their job!  Anywho back to January.  After I met them I considered using them for engagement photos, because Cameron and I were not going to be in Michigan at the same time until the wedding, which meant that we would not be able to have an engagement session with our original photographer.  Fast forward to anxiety of completely changed wedding, and they were the first photographers that came to mind.  I called them before I even had a venue picked out and asked for their available dates in August.  They were available on the original date we had chosen for Michigan and I knew that it was God opening doors for us.  I am now the lucky girl that gets to have the talented Adam and Wendy of Abundant Life Photography capture my happy day!!!!  Please go and view their work!  It is amazing and brings instant happiness :)

On the subject of our photographer, all of you could help me out if you were to go and "like" Abundant Life Photography on Facebook!  They are working on getting their follower numbers up and have a little contest going on for the original 100 followers.  All you have to do is go to their page, "like" them, and then write on their wall saying that I sent you!  Simple and easy, and you could help me win an Ipod Touch, which would be oh so fun for the honeymoon :)

Keep sending me ideas and keeping Cameron and I in your prayers as we get ready for the exciting adventure of becoming married!  I honestly cannot wait until August 12th!

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