Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Welcome to my musings...

Hello all!  It has been almost three months since I last posted and that just won't do.  Welcome back and get ready for a transformation of the blog and what I write muse about.  When I started this blog I did want it to be an opportunity for me to share my wedding journing with people that could not be here in person for my crafting and planning, but I had always hoped to keep it up afterward and just share how things are going in our new home, the lessons I am learning as a Mrs., and other musings that I feel the need to share.  So... here is the blog with a new purpose and a new name but still the same girl behind the writing :)

We had a beautiful wedding!  After five short months of planning I had a wedding that I was not expecting, but that I truly cherish.  We are so blessed to have such amazing friends and family that helped to make the day special and were there to celebrate with us as we embarked on the amazing journey of being husband and wife :)

It was a beautiful rainy day that filled my heart with joy and has given me so many wonderful memories :)

My future posts will probably contain more recaps of our wedding, the honeymoon, and what has been going on in our lives since the wedding, but for now the photos will have to do.

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