Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Favs: Week 2

Happy Friday!!!!  The drive home on Friday always seems extra long :(  What an evil way the world works sometimes!  But now I am happily home with my hubby getting ready for a lovely Halloween weekend and I wanted to share some of my favorites this week... so here goes :)

*My lovely friends.  This sounds cheesy, but this week they are at the top of my list.  Last night I had my weekly date night with Laura and Mina to watch Vampire Diaries and Grey's Anatomy, and they were exactly what I needed after a long day.  They are always so loving and inspiring, plus they make me laugh :)  And this morning I got to share an early morning breakfast with Michelle and Ashley.  There was no better way to start the day than over a delicious breakfast with two fantastic people!

*Our brand new "From the Calefs" stamp that I bought off of Pick Your Plum!  They had personalized stamps for sale a few weeks back and it came to under $13 for the stamp and shipping!  Heck yes to a good deal and the stamp is so cute.  I have been using the stamp this week on the back of thank you cards (yes I am STILL working on them... making them by hand is a lot of work).

*The Pinterest Challenge put on by Young House Love!  I am participating this week and will unveil what I decided to do next Wednesday :)  You should all participate too!  Pinterest is awesome.

*Speaking of Pinterest this is my favorite idea that I found this week.  It would fit anywhere in our house right now, but maybe in the future...

Pinned Image

Hope everyone has a lovely Halloween weekend! BOO!

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