Tuesday, June 28, 2011

45 Days!!!

Today I had a minor freak out.  I leave for training in a week and a half, and I have a wedding to-do list at a page and a half and growing, and we only have 45 days until our wedding!!!!!!  With so much to accomplish, Cameron and I were on a war path this afternoon.

Our wedding invitations finally got sent out!  Check off the list :)

We next moved on to the many wedding craft projects that I still need to finish, and I am going to share one of them with you tonight, but first here is a cute picture of Cameron working to finish some items off of the wedding list:

I have seen so many cute ideas of how to make the guest "book" unique, and my favorite idea is a wedding tree where guest "leaf" their thumb print and sign it.  By the end of everyone signing the tree and leaving their thumb print the bride and groom are left with a beautiful piece of art to remember their special day.  Here are some cute pictures I found on the internet showing the wedding tree guest book:

And now for our wedding tree.

I started with acrylic paint in pewter gray and a basic 16x20 canvas.

I sketched out a tree design that I liked first with pencil and then went over it with the pewter paint.

Here is what the tree looked like after I finished painting it:

Then I added our names and our wedding date in the empty space at the bottom and I was finished!

When we were out picking up supplies for wedding crafts we found a great deal on ink pads and were able to pick up six pads in varying shades of yellow and gray for just a dollar a piece!  I cannot wait to hang our wedding tree in our bedroom as a forever reminder of our special day :)

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