Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wedding Errands :)

Yesterday I ventured to Joplin to meet with wedding vendors and nail down several aspects of our wedding :)  Along for the ride was my beautiful soon to be sister in law Joy!

First stop was the caterer.  It has been a bit of a ride to find a caterer that is willing to provide what we are looking for out of a meal for our wedding without being crazy pricey.  I didnt want bbq, but I also knew that whatever meal we served had to be easy to transport out to Springhouse Gardens (which is a bit of a drive) and stay tasting yummy :)  I think we have finally settled on using the catering department at Missouri Southern.  They had a large selection of food to choose from, they set up and tear down everything, their services include linens (!!!!) and they were very reasonable for what they are providing.

Next stop (this was impromptu) was to visit with Cameron's aunt who has volunteered to make us a yummy cake for our wedding :)  You may remember this post from a while back where I talked about ideas for our wedding cake.  Yesterday we narrowed down the direction that we want to go in and it is a combination of the pictures below:
From Jess Hill Cakes

From What's Cakin

See if you can guess what our cake will look like with those hints ;)  It will be lovely I promise!

My last meeting of the day was with the DJ.  We have chosen A Sound Event as the DJ for our wedding, and my meeting last night went pretty well.  He was late (which annoyed me at first), but when he explained that he was in a job interview run late I calmed down :)  I understand long job interviews that you have no control over!  Our conversation went really well and he was very open to us controling what is played rather than tell me that he knows best.  I'm excited to see how the music all comes together.

Cameron and I both enjoy music, so most of what will play at our ceremony and reception is hand picked by us because it has sentimental meaning within our relationship or because we like it.  I am excited to get a CD will all of the wedding music on it as a great memento of our day, and it will be even more special because we took the time together to pick out the music :)

To end this post I have a question for all of you: what songs do you love to hear at receptions?  We want our wedding to be fun and lively so I want to make sure that people are up dancing to music that they love!  Give me your suggestions!

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