Sunday, January 13, 2013

Two For One

I am combining yesterday and today's posts into one because in the rush to finish projects I failed to blog photos yesterday.

We have been hard at work making shelves for our living room, bedroom, and spare bedroom (which also houses my office).  Yesterday was rainy and cold here so it was an easy day to stay inside and get work done.

As paint, stain, and wood glue was drying I decided to work on a shadow box of our wedding stationary that I have been meaning to finish for a while.  I found the shadow box for a couple of dollars at a local thrift store and just needed to recover the back panel and attach my items to it.

Putting together brought back so many good memories of our wedding season.  And now I get to look at it every day as it sits on the shelves we finished for our bedroom!  The shelves are made with 1x3 for the back and base and a 1x2 for the front ledge.  We made two four foot long shelves to display pictures and memories in our bedroom.  The whole project cost $5 for lumber plus wood glue.  

Tomorrow we both go back to school which is bittersweet.  I have loved this one on one time as well as the chance to get caught up around the house, but I am also excited to get back to learning about my passion.  

Happy day 13 of 365.  For anyone going back to school tomorrow good luck on this coming semester!

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