Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Shopping... in my mom's house

Good Morning!  The past two day have been wonderful.  It feels so good to be back home in the U.P.!  Cameron and I played board games, went for a walk in the woods with my mom, and shopped for fun bridal shower things.  I also got to spend time with my matron of honor and one of our closest friends from high school.  So great!

The nice thing about coming home is that mom is letting Cameron and I shop her house for lack of a better explanation!  We knew that we were picking up certain pieces of furniture this trip, but she is letting us take a lot of really neat stuff back, and the most exciting part is that a lot of it has sentimental value to me because they are family heirlooms.  I thought that I would share some of the fun stuff coming home with us to give you an idea of what will be making our new townhouse a home for the two of us :)

Below is the china that I am taking home.  Cameron and I did not register for china, because we did not feel that it fit into our lifestyle.  I was really excited to learn from my mom that she had my great great grandmother's china, and that I could use it in our new home!

We are also taking home a bedroom set that was in my great grandparent's house.  I have loved this bedroom set since I was little and I am really excited to use it in Cameron and I's bedroom :)

Continuing with the family heirloom's I am going to be using my great grandmother's desk in our new house.  It is absolutely beautiful and will be a great addition as well as have a very personal connection to me.

You would think that the kindness would stop there, but no!  Mom is letting us have the living room set in our basement and I am beyond excited to curl up in the oversized chair!!!!

Cameron and I are so blessed to have come from such great families that want the best for us and our new life together!  Thank you mom for helping us furnish our home!

My first bridal shower is tonight and I am SOOOOOO excited to see everyone and have fun playing silly bridal shower games!  I promise to post a full recap soon :)

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