Friday, May 6, 2011

One Year + 99 Days

Yesterday was our one year anniversary and what a wonderful year it has been with my favorite guy!

Yesterday also marked the day that we entered double digits to our wedding!  Only 99 days left (well technically 98 because I am writing this a day late)!  I cannot believe that in a few short months I will be married to my best friend and become Mrs. Calef :)  

Also, for those of you in the Springfield area I am having my Springfield Bridal Shower on the 23rd of July.  Get ready for a princess tea party!  Think royal folks!

A fun dress and hat or fascinator :)  I cannot wait!  I would love it if someone came in a crazy one!

On a completely separate subject I think that I like Princess Marie of Denmark's dress over Princess Catherines :)

Princess Marie's royal wedding dress

Have a lovely Friday and I promise to have a good post for Monday!  Love you all!

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