Sunday, September 16, 2012

Grocery Sunday

Today is one of our grocery shopping Sundays!  I always love these Sundays because I can dream up new foods to bring into my kitchen, and the cupboards are once again stocked :)

Here are the meal plans for the next two weeks:

I have several meals I'm trying from Pinterest, and I have marked that on the meal plan so that I can find the recipes.  If the meal ends up being something we like and would like to incorporate as a staple I will transfer the recipe to a recipe card and put it in my box.

Here are the receipts from our trip:

The total came to $106.20 when the $10.16 from last weeks chicken purchase is added in.

I thought I would take this Sunday to share how I keep receipts organized from week to week and where I keep my price check list.  I keep a special notebook that has dividers and I use the first section to keep a running price list of items we usually have on the grocery list so I can remember which place has the best price.

Keeping a running price list also helps me to recognize when a place is having a good sale on a specific item.

I also keep the receipts for all of my shopping trips stapled together and taped into another section of the notebook.  Having the dates helps me to realize when sales on items last took place so I can begin to identify what a specific store's sale rotation is.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Sunday relaxing and getting ready for the week ahead!

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