Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cooler Weather is on Its Way

And it means that we need to get this old house ready for a cold front!  I love it when it gets cool, but it is a reminder (and motivation) that we need to do some slight weather proofing to make sure our house is more energy efficient during the cooler times.

Our first step in doing this was replacing the old weather strips on our front door.  Because this is an old house, a lot of the doors are crooked in the frame because the frame matches the sloping that happens in some rooms in the house. To account for some gaps we knew we needed to put on new weather proofing strips that would create a tight seal and hopefully keep the warm air in and cool air out!

First step was peeling what was left of the current weather strips off.  One it was black and an eye sore on a bright white door, two it was missing in places which meant it wasn't helping our problem much.  We used a razor blade to scrape the existing foam strip and adhesive off of the door.

Once the old was off we simply applied new rubber weather strips all the way around the door.  We secured the ends with finishing nails just to make sure the strips would not move around.

The finished door is one where the weather strip blends in with the door color and creates a nice vacuum seal that will be perfect for the cooler months ahead!

Have a lovely Thursday night!  I am going to get some homework finished, prep for a long day at work (but super exciting day!), and try to plan out what I want to do with my life ;)  If you have any career ideas let me know!

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