Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What to do with all of the wedding cards

Happy Wednesday :)  Today is my handsome hubby's 22nd birthday!!!  Here are some highlights from our celebration:

Birthday Brownies and candles in the shape of a "C" :)

I like this one of him blowing out the candles

Coffee and birthday brownies to celebrate :) A very chill and low key night at home to welcome his 22nd year.  I love nights like this and birthdays are a perfect time to make it a priority.

The second purpose for this post is to share a project that I did to make a keepsake of all the wedding cards we received.  The cards have been sitting in a box in the living room waiting for a project to use them with.  I didn't want to throw them away because I am overly sentimental and love reading through all of them, but I also knew that they could not stay in a box in my living room forever.  Then one day I stumbled across this brilliant idea on Pinterest:

Pinned Image
From the blog Something Turquoise

What a clever way to save all of your wedding cards in a presentable format that you and guests to your home can enjoy!  Loved it right away and set out immediately making our cards into a book :)

I enlisted the help of the hubby to help hole punch the cards because some of them were super thick!  And once all of them were hole punched I sorted them into three books.  One book was just cards from our engagement and showers, and the other two books were from our wedding.  Once sorted I measured the largest card in each stack and made the front and back covers 1/2 inch larger on both sides to created a nice finished look.

Once the front and back covers were cut I attached ribbon to the back cover and made sure that it was long enought to wrap around the front and tie into a bow.  

The rest of the books were purely cosmetic, so I of course decorated them in our wedding colors and added some Lauren flair ;)

I excited that I finally came across a way to use our wedding cards and really enjoy them :)  

Also if I could ask all of you to say a little prayer for me I have a big opportunity tomorrow and I am really needing postive thoughts and prayers sent my way.  Thank you!

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