Monday, April 2, 2012

April Photo-A-Day Challenge

Good Morning!  I am currently sitting in the Springfield airport getting ready to board a flight to Indianapolis.  This will hopefully be my last trip to Indy for a while!  I have been inspired to jump on the bandwagon of the April Photo-A-Day Challenge :)


This particular challenge is for "foodie" blogs, but I figure I like food and I just want to share a little bit of myself so this challenge will work :)

Yesterdays was morning fuel and honestly it is usually water, but this morning it was McCalisters sweet tea at the airport :)

The photo prompt for today is childhood favorite, and I chose to make it none food related.  I have been girly from the beginning and I love the color pink!  So to represent my favorite color as a child and now I chose a new top I bought last week from TJMaxx.  I love this pink for spring!

Have a happy Monday and challenge yourself to document life through photos!

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