Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I Love Paper Straws

What the title of this post says is true.  I love paper straws.  They are cute, adorable, and come in so many colors that they can be used for any party, including a wedding.  Specifically, our wedding :)

I saw some pictures of paper straws in mason jars when I first began my wedding planning, and fell in love with the look right away.

Love this image from a subtle revelry, and I wish that I had had a party like this when I was a little girl!  So precious!

I can just see our guests enjoying a refreshing drink (like this one from Love and Lavender) accessorized by a lovely paper straw in yellow or gray :)  Happiness is a word to describe that image.

My vision is a step closer because the gray paper straws arrived in the mail!!!!  Yay!!!  I ordered the gray ones off of Amazon from a dealer called Green Party Goods.

And now I am just going to share more pictures of cute mason jars with paper straws in an attempt to make all of you as happy as I am today :)

Happy Tuesday!  I'm off to meet the caterer and the DJ :)  Should be a fun-filled day with my future sister-in-law!

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